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The Speech of Other Worlds

About Me

My name is Lorinda J. Taylor and I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the USA in 1940.  I’m a former catalog librarian with an MLS as well as an MA and additional graduate work in English.  I worked in academic libraries and now reside in the place of my birth.

I only recently began to self-publish the science fiction that I’ve been writing for years.  I first published a novella entitled “Monster Is in the Eye of the Beholder,” which is available at both Smashwords and Amazon.  Recently I published the first volume of my long novel “The Termite Queen,” in which my conlang-speaking extraterrestrial species can be found.  To learn more about my publishing progress and my views, see my general blog, Ruminations of a Remembrancer.

My goal is to write compelling fiction that delivers an emotional impact and leaves the reader with something to think about at the end of each story.  My writings combine qualities of SF, literary fiction, off-world adventure, and psychological fiction. “The Termite Queen” even includes a moving love story!

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