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Welcome to My New Conlang Blog!

I write science fiction that includes friendly intelligent extraterrestrials and deals a lot with first contacts.  When humans meet an off-world race for the first time, the two sides can’t possibly speak the same language.  Therefore, the author needs to construct a language for the ET species to speak.  That’s what a conlang is – a constructed language.

In my novel entitled “The Termite Queen,” I have four species of intelligent off-worlders – termites, birds, lemuriforms, and monotremes (egg-laying mammals).  I’ve tinkered with languages for all of them, but I have done extensive work on only two: Shshi (the Termite language) and !Ka<tá (one of three Bird languages.  I’ll begin with discussions of those and later I’ll proceed to talk of the others.

So for now let me say Welcome!  In Shshi that’s ¡evo|! || and in !Ka<tá the phrase is <Khe’ó↑ awrrá<↑~]

There is only a little here to read yet, but stay tuned …

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